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In Canada, the majority of the population are mobile subscribers, with techvibes stating that numberto be 70%.  Most of these users are active, with more than 4 million accessing the web on our mobiles more than once a week.  However spending on mobile advertising and marketing is less than $5 million annually, which is only a small portion of what the US spends on advertising and marketing. lists the top 5 mobile advertising trends to watch on their website.

  1. Continued Importance of SMS
  2. Experimentatio with Rich Media
  3. Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps
  4. Interest in Geo Location
  5. The Growth of Mobile Video

In Canada, mobile marketing is not be utilized as effectively as it could be.  It is a trend that will continue to rise until its full potential is tapped.  Since technology evolves so rapidly this is an area that requires constant attention if a company wishes to be successful witht their mobile advertising.


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