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Virtual Worlds: A huge source of revenue

Marketers have found a way to make real revenues in virtual worlds.  One of the biggest virtual worlds on the internet is Webkinz.  An online world that is targeted to young children between the ages on 7-12.  There is also a Webkinz Jr website ehich targets children age 3-6.

In order to access the online world, you must purchase a plush toy from a physical store and use the product code to gain access to the website.  A quick look at the Webkinz website will reveal that these children are exposed to many advertisments.

“By the year 2011, eMarketer predicts that 53 percent of all American child and teen Internet users will visit virtual worlds at least once a month.” – Alycia de Mesa

Webkinz has also set up an online store where virtual items can be purchased with real money.  Obviously this takes the co operation of the childrens parents to facilitate these payments.

Many other companies have joined the virtual world such as Disney, Mattel and Lego.

According to the NY times, “Disney’s biggest online world is Club Penguin, which it bought in August from three Canadians in a deal worth $700 million. At the time, more than 700,000 members paid fees of $5.95 a month, delivering annual revenue of almost $50 million.”


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