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Do you remember the last banner ad you saw on a website?  probably not!  this is because we have become so accustom to seeing these ads that we have learned to tune them out, and simply ignore them.  So what can companies that utilize online advertising do to get their ads noticed? the answer: interactive advertising.

“Of course, consumers always have the option of not paying attention to, becoming involved with or ignoring the ad. In the case of the Internet, however, the control has switched (for the most part) from advertiser to consumer.” – Shelly Rodgers and Esther Thorson

Advertising can occur in many different formats, which are constantly changin to reflect industry trends.  Here are the breakdown of ad fomats for 2010 from the Interactive Advertising Bureau

The Internet is a medium where users must be engaged in order to use it.  Advertising works the same way.  It is more effective when users are activley engaged in what they are doing.  The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada even specifies Canadian Interactive Advertising Standards and Specifications.

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