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Search Engine Marketing is widely used today as the Internet continues to be a widely used platform for information seraching.  Markers have found a way to use the prevalence of the internet and the popularity of search engines to taget customers and increase brand and product awareness.  Since search engines are the go to for almost anyone trying to find information on the Internet, here are some “Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategies” to consider.

Serach Engine Marketing has been around since 1996, but is now more popluar than ever.  According to Alan Lim

“Between 2002 and 2006, the budgets for this method of marketing have increased across the board by 750%.  That’s even though this form of marketing is also one of the most affordable. In fact, all advertisers in North America in 2006 combined spent more than $9 billion on search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing can basically be divided into two categories, Organic, and Paid.  Organic listings are the unpaid, and most companies strive to be the first on google.  These positions are taken by content rich websites which are easy to navigate and full of keyword.  Paid advertisments, on the other had, are when something like Google AdWords are bought, and your advertisment shows up as when someone searches for those AdWords.  Although organic listings may take longer to reach the top of the Google ladder, they generate higher traffic and are seen as more trustworthy – and they are FREE.  Google AdWords are less timely, but expensive.

There are some key differences between SEO and SEm which can be looked at “Search Engine Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization“.


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