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Appearance matters on the Interent too

When you walk into a retail outlet you notice everything around you.  How the products are dislpayed, what colours are used, fixtures, lighting, music, and staff all form the ambience of a store, and may influence your opinion of that particular establishment and brand. 

Even though not all of those physical experiences are relevant on the internet, the layout, design, and usability of your website are. These are the  factors that may cause people to form opinions about your brand in the online world.

It is safe to say that even some of the smallest businesses have some sort of web presence.  But that web presence may not be achieving it’s full potential if it is not executed with the customer in mind.  According to Chris Brogan – President of New Marketing Labs – one of the points that may seem very obvious when designing your web page is  to “make [things] really obvious”.  Sounds easy enough? Right? well many sites have trouble implementing this seamingly simple task of making things really easy!  If your customers cannot figure out what to do on your website, then there is a good possiblilty they will get fed up and leave all together.  There is no point in attracting customers to a web site if they get frustrated and end up leaving right away.  From that point on, it is possible that they will have a negative perception of you and your brand.

Once you’ve done the work to get your cusomers on your site – it is imperative that they stay. According to,  stickiness is an important evaluator in web site functions, and is also something that advertisers use to evaluate “what a website has to offer”.  The theory behind this is that the longer someone is on your site, the more ads they will view.


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