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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to improving the visibilitty of one’s web presence.    It is a form of Search Engine Marketing that will help drive traffic to your site.  When you think of a search engine, Google is probably the first thing that pops into your mind.  However there are also many other popular search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Dogpile to name a few.  In these search engines, many different types of content can be searched for including images, and local listings.  This allows users to select what they are looking for, and give them a list of more specific results.

There are many different tactics that markers can employ in order to optimize their websites specifically for search engine results.  Search engines rely on things such as keywords, headings, images, and content to rank pages as seen fit.

All Business’s article on “How Can I Use Search Engine Marketing to Promote my Business” outlines the ways to be search engine friendly.  It is also important to note that if you are changing your website you need to pay attention to your SEO plan.  There is also an article titles “Redesigning Yor Web Site? You need an SEO Migration Plan”.  This article contains things related to

  • Changing domain names
  • Changing content management systems
  • Changing design
  • Changing web hosts

Some experts also suggest you “Prepare your search engine optimisation for Chritmas…” since people tend to search for more specific things at this time of year.  This is an important considerations for businesses who rely heavily on SEO to establish their web presence.

Since it can be an aquired skill to be successfull at optimizing your website for SEO, many thrid party sites offer optimizing services such as:


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Viral Marketing – not as bad as it sounds

Viral campaigns are not easy to implement.  They start with an idea so crazy, or funny that you can’t help but clicking the forward button and sharing with your entire address book.  That being said, it takes a BIG idea to have this effect.  Recently on the apprentice, the 2 teams had a task of creating a viral video for Popcorn, Indiana.  Needless to say, neither team did a very good job.

The Apprentice Men – Popcorn fight

The Apprentice Women – Lunch break workout

Neither of these wannabe viral campaigns earned accolades from The Donald, or the CEO of the company.  But just in case you’re curios – the mens team won.  This was due to their  effort in creating a spectacle, rather than the woman’s team more commercial-like campaign.

If you’re viral campaign is not the greatest, you could still get the attention you desire by being featured on “The Top 10 Dumbest Viral Marketing Campaigns”

On the other side of the spectrum, you can check out some examples of good viral marketing campaigns.

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Social Networks and Customer Engagement

So…I’ve got you here…..but how to I make you stay, and keep you coming back for more?  With the advent of social media, that is the question a lot of brands are asking these days.  Thandian News reports that university students have an attetion span of just 10 minutes.  I’d say that may be slightly higher than other users due to our “conditioning” (3 hour lecture anyone?).  So how can a brand get users to stay on their site once they get their.  The answer is engagement.  SOS eMarketing has posted “The Rules Of Customer Engagement On Social Networks” on their website, where they specifically discuss the use of Facebook and Twitter.  So….why is customer engagment so important??  According to WTN news, customer engagement drives loyalty, referrals, and growth.

ENGAGEMENTdb hasa very interesting website, where they have compiled a list of brands and ranked them based on “how they leverage social media to interact with customers.”  A report published August 3rd, 2009 indicated that “Starbucks unseated Coca Cola as the #1 Facebook brand”.  On the other end of the spectrum, brand like Wrigley, Allianz, and AIG were rated 97, 98, and 99 respectively.  Fedex and Cocal-Cola were smack dab in the middle with a tie for the position of 51.

Naturally, 3rd party companies have developed to assist companies in the area of brand engagement.  4orce, an “Award-Winning Brand Engagement Agency” decription of services:

“4orce bridges the space between branded engagement and digital technology. By blending creativity, design, insights and intelligence, and usability testing, we deliver marketing solutions from an empirical perspective on what makes consumers tick and how they interact with brands.”

They perform social media services such as

  • Display
  • SEM
  • Social
  • Planning
  • Mobile
  • Email

It is reported on their website that only 40% of Companies have a Social Media Plan.  Should the other 60% percent of Companies hop on the social media bandwagon, or will the social media craze be over as fast as it started?

What’s next in the rapidly changing technological society that we live in today?

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Appearance matters on the Interent too

When you walk into a retail outlet you notice everything around you.  How the products are dislpayed, what colours are used, fixtures, lighting, music, and staff all form the ambience of a store, and may influence your opinion of that particular establishment and brand. 

Even though not all of those physical experiences are relevant on the internet, the layout, design, and usability of your website are. These are the  factors that may cause people to form opinions about your brand in the online world.

It is safe to say that even some of the smallest businesses have some sort of web presence.  But that web presence may not be achieving it’s full potential if it is not executed with the customer in mind.  According to Chris Brogan – President of New Marketing Labs – one of the points that may seem very obvious when designing your web page is  to “make [things] really obvious”.  Sounds easy enough? Right? well many sites have trouble implementing this seamingly simple task of making things really easy!  If your customers cannot figure out what to do on your website, then there is a good possiblilty they will get fed up and leave all together.  There is no point in attracting customers to a web site if they get frustrated and end up leaving right away.  From that point on, it is possible that they will have a negative perception of you and your brand.

Once you’ve done the work to get your cusomers on your site – it is imperative that they stay. According to,  stickiness is an important evaluator in web site functions, and is also something that advertisers use to evaluate “what a website has to offer”.  The theory behind this is that the longer someone is on your site, the more ads they will view.

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