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If you are reading this, I know who you are…

Okay, maybe I can’t see your facebook page, but the amazing world of web analytics can tell me a lot of information about you.  That information may be a very valuable tool for market research.  Analytics can be applied to web pages for free by signing up for a Google Analytics account and inserting the java script into the html code – easy as that.

Once web analytics has been applied to a site, the account user may then see information such as page views, number of unique visitors, and how each visitor got to the site (e.g. google search, linked from blog, domain name); among other statistics.  However, this information is only useful if you can interpret it with meaning and use the information to make appropriate changes to your site.

There is even a Web Analytics Association which “leads, unites and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators worldwide.”


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